Brazilian Work Visa

General description:

If a foreigner is a permanent resident in Brazil, he has permission to work based on that status. However, if this is not the case, a work visa is mandatory in order for a foreigner to work in the country.
Obtaining a work visa is dependent on having permission granted to work in the country first. This power of authorization lies with the Ministry of Labor and Employment by way of the General Immigration Coordination. It is on the basis of this authorization that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, via a consular office, grants a work visa. In conjunction with this, the Ministry of Labor and Employment, based on criteria provided by law, would have to have given prior authorization permitting the foreigner to work in Brazil under an employment contract with a Brazilian company.
Therefore, it is the Brazilian company which is the true applicant for the process of obtaining a work visa – requesting authorization for a foreigner to exercise professional duties. It all starts with a Brazilian employer’s interest, whether they be a corporate entity or individual, to admit a foreigner for their service under an employment contract.
This employer will have to initiate a work permit process with the General Immigration Coordination of the Ministry of Labor and Employment.
The applicant – that is, the employer – must prove compatibility between the scholastic or academic training of the candidate, their professional experience, and the role they will play in the job position that they are seeking.
One must also prove that there is a lack of Brazilian labor force for these contractual functions, that is, that it would be difficult to find a Brazilian candidate with the professional profile of the foreign candidate to fill the same role.
The approval process takes about thirty days to complete, but may take longer if the General Immigration Coordination decides on any more requirements.
Once granted, the decision is published in the Official Diary of the Union, after which the candidate must appear at the Brazilian consulate. If the candidate is still abroad, as previously indicated in the process, they must provide documentation relating to the obtaining of a work visa on their passport.
With a work visa a foreigner will be allowed to enter Brazil with work status. They should then solicit a national foreigner registration with the Federal Police and their social security and working papers from the Ministry of Labor and Employment. After they attain these documents they can begin their duties at the company that hired him.

Evaluation and estimates:

For evaluation and estimates of cases, send us the following information:
Information regarding the corporate contractor
Social denomination:
Address (headquarters):
Corporate object:
Initial capital:
Current capital:
Date of establishment:
Date of last contract amendment:
Associate foreign corporate entities:
Principal associates (if Joint Stock Company):
Partners (if Limited Liability Company ):
Value of foreign capital investment:
Date of last investment and foreign capital:
Registration date in the Central Bank of Brazil:
Administrator (s) / RG / CPF:
Current number of employees ( CAGED – General Registry of Employed and Unemployed Persons):
Number of Brazilian employees:
Total payroll for Brazilian staff:
Number of foreign workers:
Total payroll for foreign employees:
Rationale for foreign hires:
Information regarding the foreign candidate
Are you partners with the legal entity making the request (yes/no):
Father’s Name:
Mother’s Name:
Marital status:
Date of birth:
Passport Issue Location:
Date of issue:
Expiration date:
Dependents: (name, kinship , age, passport and respective locations of issue and validity dates)
Value of the last remuneration received abroad:
Will you continue to receive remuneration abroad:
Professional experience (name of companies, location, start and end dates, functions):
Brazilian Consulate where you would prefer to get the visa on the passport:
Information regarding contraction
Functions in Brazil:
Term of employment contract:
Amount of compensation to be received in Brazil: